About Us

Direct Bookings Africa is driven by a passionate group of individuals and entities that are dedicated to bringing about positive change in the hospitality industry in Africa. Direct Bookings Africa is a collaborative network of professionals, accommodation establishments, software providers and providers of other related services, designed to help accommodation establishments in Africa get more bookings via their own online channels, directly from their guests.

Direct Bookings Africa is born out of the belief that direct bookings are best, not only for accommodation establishments but also for guests.

The cost of acquiring a direct booking, for an accommodation establishment, is far lower due to the fact that it attracts far less commission than bookings that come via an online travel agent. This is beneficial from a cost saving perspective for accommodation establishments, which can then in turn pass on the cost saving to guests in either the form of a lower direct booking rate or other privileges that can be awarded to guests that book directly.

Our purpose is to help accommodation establishments to take their own back from the online travel agents and to incentivise guests to book directly with accommodation establishments, instead of via an online travel agent.

If you fall into the category of either an accommodation establishment or a software / service provider whose software / services are able to help accommodation establishments get more direct bookings, then we would love to have you join us in our mission to help accommodation establishments in Africa get more direct bookings! Contact us by completing the contact us form below.